The 25 Best Remote Jobs In 2020

To me, there is nothing better than the freedom and flexibility that comes with a location-independent lifestyle. Again, you get to set your own rates, which could be hourly rates, rates per word, or projects. If you are specialized in a popular field, experienced and skilled, you can charge around 250 USD per hour, according to Copyblogger.

They make five- to six-figure profits every month – mainly with ads, affiliate marketing, or selling of online courses. There is the saying that most blogs will be closed within their first 12 months of existence because it’s so hard to become successful and make a living blogging. But if you hang in there long enough and be ready to work really hard, your income opportunities are almost endless. According to Sokanu a film and video editor can make 62,760 USD per year on average. In case you are a professional photographer, you already have perfect skills for introverts.

Day-to-day duties include generating financial statement reports, updating system menus, onboarding new users, and troubleshooting. Bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science and fluency in Structured Query Language.

I know a lot of people who have made the transition from corporate America to working in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector. I also know a lot more who have told me they have always wanted to make this move. If that sounds like you, maybe this year is your chance to make a difference by contributing in the non profit space. As more and more companies hope to combat prejudice and address bias within their own organizations, there will be an ever-growing best career fields to get remote jobs need for expert consultants with experience in issues related to DEI. All of these factors mean that expertise in cybersecurity will continue to be sought after in many professions, and we are likely to see cybersecurity related jobs on the rise well into the future. In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic led to a 600% increase in cyber crime, and it makes sense given how many more people were working from home, on unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Medical Transcriptionist

This role requires a great deal of organization, good judgment, and the ability to work on multiple projects and programs at the same time. In terms of diversity, you will be able to seize opportunities to work with virtually anyone in the world.

best career fields to get remote jobs

From video game design, coding, computer programming, to front end and back end software developers, with an internet connection and some noise-cancelling headphones, anything is possible. There are frequently listings for programming jobs for both big and small companies on websites like, WeWorkRemotely, and Remote.Co which we recommend.

These Are The Best Sites For Finding Remote Work Online: Remote

In contrary, if you feel relaxed and work in a good environment, statistics have shown that your productivity can go through the roof. That might not seem like much, but when you take into account that there are an estimated 214 million companies worldwide it might Linux help you realize just how influential remote work is. You’ll be surprised at how quickly those relationships will become mutually beneficial. Utilize the email feature that many of them have, where you get notified about jobs that are posted within certain filters.

Thanks to sites like Lending Club and Prosper, you can easily lend money to a business or individual. As an investor, you’d make money on the paid interest of the note. If you have a knack for baking or cooking, then turn your passion into a side business. From your own kitchen, you could start a catering business or become a personal chef. If you’re a baker, you could sell you goods to friends, neighbors, online or at local farmer’s markets.

  • Connecting to a larger network is especially important for freelancers and solopreneurs and those who are launching new career endeavors, says Mary Stargel, withSociety of WorkinChattanooga, TN.
  • Using a reputable job board that verifies job listings is also wise.
  • This role requires a great deal of organization, good judgment, and the ability to work on multiple projects and programs at the same time.
  • Remotive has also compiled a list of salaries from hundreds of remote workers across positions, industries, and seniority.
  • Medical coders and billers are crucial to the healthcare industry’s ongoing efforts to digitize health records for improved healthcare.

If you’re a job seeker looking to work remotely in European time zones (whether you’re from Europe or not), you’ll want to check out EuropeRemotely. This virtual job board is full of job listings from companies that are happy to work with at-home and remote employees who are interesting in doing work based on European time zones. If you’re looking for a high-paying entry-level job, online graphic design could be a good python option, as many companies hire remote design interns. You’ll gain experience designing logos, ads, and web pages for clients—all while earning an income—enabling you to move up in the field. We’ve curated a list of the best remote jobs; ten high paying remote jobs that you don’t need a degree for and ten that you do. Generalists wear a variety of hats and do everything from social media management to brand development.

Back-end engineers are software developers who build and manage the server software and databases that power applications behind the scenes. You’ll do well in this position if you’re detail-oriented and have strong problem-solving skills. I love being social with my friends and family, but I need a lot of downtime to recharge my batteries.


A manager-level position will manage tech support employees and provide leadership. Installing hardware and software, staying current on new technology, and providing on-call support are common duties. It’s an expansive job marketplace that connects businesses, agencies, and solo employers to all types of freelancers across the world. This is where you get short-term contracts in fields like engineering, sales, data and analytics, writing, customer service, design, admin support, software development, data entry, etc. Every brand or organization in the modern world now has social media marketing and outreach. Companies must maintain a presence online, with the average person now spending hours a day on social media and often communicating concerns and questions through these platforms.

best career fields to get remote jobs

Customer service workers help businesses create good customer experiences. This work includes answering questions, solving customer problems, and knowing when to direct a customer toward someone better suited to help. You may think that as a Benefits Administrator you would need to be able to work face-to-face with your company’s employees. Digital communication has come a long way and along with email and online human resources software, video call tools are now the go-to tool for human resources professionals.

Best Sites To Find Remote Work: Full

A FlexJobs survey found that 65% of respondents want to remain full-time remote workers, while 58% said they would search for a new job if they can’t continue working from home post-pandemic. Between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021, the number of remote job postings in the FlexJobs database increased 12% over 2020. If you read the list above, you now know multiple high-paying remote jobs in a variety of industries/sectors. There are completely different virtual jobs that didn’t make this list. At the moment, it hosts millions of freelancers and employers, who are spread out across a wide range of fields.

High paying remote jobs that previously seemed off-limits are now within reach, and opportunities to earn more while working full time from your home office have never been more available. Virtual assistants do everything from scheduling appointments to conducting research. Some positions focus solely on administrative tasks like maintaining calendars and schedules and invoicing clients while others require experience in copywriting and social media management. Positions pay an average of about $15 an hour but can go up to $20 an hour for candidates with public relations, writing and editing, and social media skills.

Corporations in all sorts of industries hire product managers that can work from a home office or from another continent entirely. From full-time and part-time to contract work, there are many paths to take, including the start-up world. Check out AngelList for what’s out there in the start-up realm. Love designing user experiences, customer journeys, and getting people to interact with products in new ways? What if you could do this from Bali, Buenos Aires, or South Africa?

  • What’s more, employers discovered that not only do employees want to keep working from home at least some of the time, staff are often more productive when they work remotely.
  • Though there are many full-time, remote opportunities for writers, you might consider a career as a freelance writer if you’re seeking even more freedom—and don’t mind spending a lot of time pitching.
  • Product managers may also analyze market conditions and communicate with people at all levels of an organization.
  • You can also check out Best Websites for Remote Work and Side Gigs.
  • Two people who have the same job may not make the same wage, depending on where they live, how much experience they have, or a variety of other factors.
  • To do this, they require knowledge in SEO, the use of social media platforms, and web development.

With a little discipline, a remote working person may actually power through their tasks faster and better than any commuter. They decide when they’re available for hire, and they create their own working schedule . Who they work for depends on the position, as they might have a regular employer or shift from one to another, depending on the market. If you’re wonderingwhat is telecommutingin its exact terms, telecommute jobs (a.k.a. telework) basically imply doing your work over the phone or the computer . Work from home is among the most popular forms of jobs you’ll come across on the internet. Rest assured that GoRemotely will go the distance to find the home job you want. GoRemotely will allow you to access a vast array of jobs you can conveniently do at home and the ones that provide an opportunity to travel to various countries.

Clinical Trial Manager

It can be quite complex, both for professionals and companies, given that it involves ensuring full support to the employee. Just by the multiplicity of existing terms for “remote job” it is easy to figure that there are also different typologies for it as well. If professionals have a bigger control of their time, it means they organise their work, provide strong outcomes, and enjoy their free time as they want. If you’re trying to figure out how to get a remote job, here’s what you need to know.

  • Amid unprecedented digital connectedness, the demand for bilingual and multilingual remote workers is greater than ever.
  • This can be a stimulating and rewarding career for people interested in network systems, troubleshooting techniques and operating systems.
  • After gaining substantial experience in technology, finance, and business processes in his previous job in an IT consulting company, he adopted writing as a full-time profession 3 years ago.
  • That can involve posting links, videos, photos, articles, or even clever jokes.
  • When you’re ready for a roadmap to prepare yourself for everything else involved in the remote job application process — check out our guide on Finding a Remote Job here.

This often involves writing press releases, creating media kits, overseeing public events, building branding initiatives, and more. At the director level, managing a team is often part of the job. A bachelor’s degree and over 10 years’ experience are typically required.

The only hurdle is, as we’ve just hinted at, having the willpower not to get distracted by the internet, TV, or any other leisurely activity at your disposal at home or nearby. But if you get a handle on yourself, you’ll see your productivity skyrocket. Maybe it takes a long time to get there, which only takes away more time from your day. And terrible weather doesn’t quite help make things less stressful. The amount of work done this way might vary from one employer to another since some companies prefer to make this a part-time arrangement.


Copywriters are in charge of creating persuasive, entertaining, informative, and engaging content for a variety of channels, including websites, print ads, and newsletters. Remote work can be a great resource for those needing to prioritize balance and scheduling, information technology for those wishing to make their own schedules, or for those who want to be their own boss. If you want or need to turn to remote work, then hopefully this guide can help you on the right track, no matter your level of experience or training.

Lisa Rabasca Roepe is a freelance journalist who writes about the culture of work, entrepreneurship, and technology. Her work has appeared in Fast Company,, Family Circle, Good, Quartz, The Week, HR Magazine, Men’s Journal, Eater, and the Christian Science Monitor. Employees who work from home need to be self-starters and highly motivated. So make sure that when you apply, you highlight those qualities and any other soft skills that show your ability to work independently, Silverman says.

  • Yes, that’s right – its principal objective is helping businesses outsource job tasks to remote workers across the world.
  • Some tutors create their own lesson plans, while others teach from a specific program.
  • The rise of remote work resulting from pandemic lockdowns has also led to an increase in cybersecurity threats.

This indicates that more digital marketing jobs will surface for remote workers. Project managers can work in any industry to coordinate the individual tasks and processes involved with completing a goal.

Customer Service

Try creating a YouTube account and filming yourself instructing others on how to do what you’re skilled at. To start earning some cash, enroll in YouTube’s partner program so that you can make $1 to $2 per 1,000 views. You can write copy for businesses from your home and, in some cases, earn up to six figures. Whether if it’s just for a couple of hours or for the entire day, running a childcare business from your home can be lucrative. Just make sure that you obtain the correct licenses and permits.

Concrete Slab Types

Pier and beam slabs consist of brick, stone or concrete piers and wooden beams that support the weight of the home. Unlike slab foundations which sit directly on the ground, pier and beam foundations are elevated, usually about 24” off of the ground. Most cinder-block wall finishing options cost $1.50 to $10.00 per square foot. Sealing cinder-block walls is vital since they absorb water easily.

There are primarily two types of footings that can be installed, continuous or pad footings. These galvanized steel beams are lighter than traditional steel. Unlike standard, rectangular prism-shaped wood beams, I-beams made of wood will often require a material price quote. Expect to pay between $1,270 and $4,950 to install a basement support beam for the first time . If needing to replace a basement beam, you could pay anywhere from $6,500 to $25,000 but less complex jobs won’t cost more than $10,000.

What is the cheapest way to do concrete?

What Is The Cheapest Way To Buy Concrete? The cheapest way to buy concrete is to mix your own by purchasing pre-mixed bags for $4.49 each and renting a concrete mixer for $120 per day. The second best way, it to buy a bulk truckload full (10 cubic yards) for $1,169 including delivery.

One advantage to engineered beams is that they take less time to install, but they still don’t last as long as steel. Home foundations can come in different styles depending upon your locale, so if you’re in need of a new foundation, consider the needs of your home. A new foundation can be expensive depending on the scope of the project.

Basement Foundation Cost

Pier and beam have some advantages over modern foundations – namely the access to space. Being able to access plumbing or central heating systems, for example, means that maintenance and repair are far easier. So, while you may not have chosen your pier and beam foundation, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a robust foundation that will last you many years. While a pier and beam system may not be one you’d choose if you were to be building your home from scratch, it is a durable type of foundation that can last for many years. That said, you will need to make extra sure you inspect and address any small issues, as once this type of foundation starts to break down, it ages very quickly. Many pier and beam foundation structures were built using cedar.

What is a beam floor?

What is beam and block flooring? Beam and block flooring is a technique used to create a creating a suspended concrete flooring system at the ground or upper floor level. Used by the majority of housebuilders, it is quick to install and comprises T beam floor beams infilled with precast concrete blocks.

Yes, the cost starts to increase dramatically as you get into these megastructures, but here is some guidance on what to expect. Excavation – Trenching ripple spread betting costs $10 to $20+ per square foot or more for rocky soil. Block wall foundations need to be 1’ to 3’ deep on average, or deeper for tall fences.

Types Of Heavy Equipment Used In Construction

Concrete block walls are better for remote and hard-to-access locations. Insulation – Filling the concrete blocks with core-filling injection foam costs $1.50 to $2.50 per square foot. Contractors refer to concrete blocks as concrete masonry units , cinder blocks, masonry blocks, and “Haydock blocks” in some places.

How strong is block and beam?

Minimum compressive strength of 3.5kN/mm² and tested laterally to requirements of Agrément Certificate No. 85/1566. 175mm standard beam weight – 34kg/m. The calculated dead weight of the grouted floor is 181kg/m² (based on block density of 1275kg/m³).

They have a groove on the side, and they are stacked and interlocked to create wall systems generally used to separate material stockpiles. These wall systems are common at ready-mix operations separating the various rock and sand aggregate materials used in batching concrete. Reinforcements – Filling the wall with cement and rebar costs $1.00 to $5.25+ per square foot. Building codes state reinforcements are necessary for almost all block walls, except for non-loadbearing walls shorter than 2’ tall in some cities. Reasons for use of a suspended ground include poor load bearing potential of the soil and toxic soils that should not be in contact with the floor. The beam and block floors are easy to work with and can be used for various building types.

Laminated Flooring Cost

To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website. That is part of why it is such a great building material, but it can create challenges when shipping it. Interstate trucking brokers can potentially obtain backhaul rates that dramatically reduce shipping costs. The Department of bitsane wallet Transportation rules do not allow you to add additional products to a truck if it starts to exceed its load limit. Again, the loading conditions and the width both play a big role in determining the ultimate cost of these grating systems. Drainage trenches typically have a steel or iron grating system to allow for storm water runoff to enter the trench system.

Concrete house block walls only cost $10 to $40 per square foot. Cinder block housing is made of concrete masonry unit reinforced cinder blocks. This means that regardless of the type and having walls or only a slab, the total area is considered when pricing the foundation. There are several concrete types priced by the square foot.

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Retaining Wall Cost Calculator

It is suitable for cases where fast constructions are desired. It consists of a floor slab, usually 50 to 100mm thick, supported by reinforced concrete ribs . The ribs are usually tapered and are uniformly spaced at distances that do not exceed 750mm.

The fabrication process for precast concrete sandwich wall panels allows them to be produced with finished surfaces on both sides. If desired, the concrete can be given an architectural finish, where the concrete itself is colored and/or textured. Prestressing is a technique of introducing stresses into a structural member during fabrication and/or construction to improve its strength and performance. This technique is often employed in concrete beams, columns, spandrels, single and double tees, wall panels, segmental bridge units, bulb-tee girders, I-beam girders, and others.

  • The length between the necessary pipe supports is generally dictated by the type of piping material used and how much support is necessary.
  • They need more formwork than flat plates, especially for column capitals.
  • Requirements for grounding devices integral to the precast vault.
  • Cinder block foundations do have advantages, like being able to hold more weight on top of the foundation.
  • The size and angle of connecting pipes require a larger junction box base.

In this regard, the beam and block flooring is only ideal for constructions that can effortlessly accommodate additional loads. Perfect examples here are brick, thin-joint and insulated concrete forms. Besides their energy efficiency and aesthetic versatility, they also provide excellent noise attenuation, outstanding durability (resistant to rot, mold, etc.), and rapid construction.

Utility Structures

Larger decks may also need additional footings, increasing the price you may. While most people think about their home when considering pouring a concrete foundation, many other buildings also have foundations. Depending on the type of building or construction project, you may have a different set of prices for the foundation than with a typical house.

Can you pour concrete over wood?

Pouring concrete over wood decking, such as indoor flooring or outdoor decking, may seem far-fetched. However, it’s a common construction practice. Overlaying concrete over wood floors can hide damaged boards. It also works on other surfaces, such as cracked concrete or other non-wood floorings.

Contact a residential structural engineer near you for a quote. LVL beams cost between $3 to $12 per linear foot for just the material, or $50 to $200 per foot installed. “LVL” stands for laminated veneer lumber and is a type of engineered beam.

Below are the price ranges for various projects based on their average sizes and the most common types. Enter your zip code into our calculator to receive an estimated price range for building your concrete foundation. The exact costs will vary depending on your concrete project’s size and scale, including whether you need walls and how much labor is required.

They are also a good type if you build into a hill or uneven ground because you can create short walls with the foundation, creating a walkout in front and a short wall in the back. To create these foundations, footings are placed beneath the frost line, and the walls are added. The footing is wider than the walls, and the slab is poured last. The range in prices for this type of foundation depends on how high the walls are, how thick the footings are, and how deep you need them to go to get beneath the frost line. These prices are for the foundation only and do not include vapor barriers, insulation, or finish work. They are created similarly to stem wall foundations, where footings are created first, then the walls are erected, and the slab is poured last.

Cons Of Pier And Beam

This question has a wide range of answers, so we have created a chart below to give general guidance. Spread footings can come in an endless variety of configurations and sizes. Cast in anchor bolts can vary greatly depending on the diameter, length, and grade of steel required. The type of steel, the thickness of the plate, and the type and size of anchor studs all have an impact on the cost of embedded weld plates. Precast manholes, junction boxes, catch basins, and inlets typically range from $700 to $1,000 per cubic yard.

Excavation costs vary depending on the soil type, depth, and whether workers must dig by hand or with power-trenching tools. Concrete grout filling and rebar are essential to stop retaining walls from cracking. The ground beneath the floor should be free of topsoil and vegetation. Typically a minimum void of 150mm must be maintained between underside of the floor beam and the ground surface. There are two classic asnwers – fill the void or use block and beam. There is very little cost difference, and block and beam is recommended where there are either huge voids, or risk of soil movement underneath.

The interior and exterior wythes of concrete are held together with some form of connecting system that is able to provide the needed structural integrity. Panels of 9-foot clear height are common, but heights up to 12 feet can be found. Ancient Roman builders made use of concrete and soon poured the material into moulds to build their complex network of aqueducts, culverts, and tunnels.

A shed typically uses a shallow monolithic slab foundation. Sheds are not usually heavy enough to require larger footings. The area you build on must be cleared and leveled before pouring it. If you install it in an existing shed and the area is already level, your prices could be lower. It’s slightly more than standard wall repair costs of $650 on average.

What is a suspended beam?

Suspension cables (also called main cables) are sized for the tensions resulting from the series of concentrated forces from suspenders. Beams are sized for moments occurring between suspenders. Page 2. Example – One Suspension Point. A roof structure is a suspended beam.

Every installation is customized to match the building type requirements. With the system comes a plan showing the required layout of the concrete beams, the features of the concrete blocks that will be used and the relevant construction details. By producing precast concrete in a controlled environment , the precast concrete is afforded the opportunity to properly cure and be closely monitored by plant employees. Using a precast concrete system offers many potential advantages over onsite casting. Precast concrete production can be performed on ground level, which helps with safety throughout a project.